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Tuesday, December 3, 2013


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Tech Center 3600 Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security, and License & Review
3685 Ex Parte Kendrick et al 11943477 - (D) MOHANTY 112(2)/103 112(2)/103 BROOKS KUSHMAN P.C. HEWITT II, CALVIN L

Tech Center 3700 Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Products & Design
3752 Ex Parte SMITH 11424773 - (D) HOFFMANN 103 102(b)/103 37 CFR 41.50 103 WONG, CABELLO, LUTSCH, RUTHERFORD & BRUCCULERI, L.L.P. KIM, CHRISTOPHER S

Tech Center 2400 Networking, Multiplexing, Cable, and Security
2456 Ex Parte Kenoyer 11348217 - (D) HOMERE 103 MEYERTONS, HOOD, KIVLIN, KOWERT & GOETZEL, P.C. CHACKO, JOE

Tech Center 2800 Semiconductors, Electrical and Optical Systems and Components
2833 Ex Parte Regen et al 11927079 - (D) DELMENDO 112(1)/112(2) 103 CENTRAL COAST PATENT AGENCY, INC NGUYEN, PHUONGCHI T

In re ANTOR MEDIA CORPORATION, 689 F.3d 1282, 1288 (Fed. Cir. 2012) ([A] prior art printed publication cited by an examiner is presumptively enabling barring any showing to the contrary by a patent applicant or patentee.)

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