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Friday, November 4, 2016

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Tech Center 1700 Chemical & Materials Engineering
1786 Ex Parte Schaeffer et al 11911922 - (D) GAUDETTE 102/103 Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP REA, CHRISTINE

Tech Center 2400 Networking, Multiplexing, Cable, and Security
2486 Ex Parte Symes 13137126 - (D) HOWARD 102/103 NIXON & VANDERHYE, PC TRUONG, NGUYEN T

Tech Center 2800 Semiconductors, Electrical and Optical Systems and Components
2842 Ex Parte Walsh et al 13802877 - (D) GARRIS 102/103 Medtronic, Inc. (CRDM) SKIBINSKI, THOMAS S

Tech Center 1600 Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry
1616 Ex Parte Hoop et al 11039377 - (D) FREDMAN 112(1)/103 Abel Law Group, LLP KARPINSKI, LUKE E

1671 Ex Parte Pfeffinger 12994575 - (D) GRIMES 103 Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP (WM) BROOKS, CLINTON A

Tech Center 2100 Computer Architecture and Software
2144 Ex Parte Borriello et al 13361033 - (D) BEAMER 103 LERNER GREENBERG STEMER LLP MRABI, HASSAN

2194 Ex Parte Deininger et al 11758846 - (D) HAGY 102/103 SIEMENS CORPORATION RONI, SYED A

Tech Center 2600 Communications
2634 Ex Parte Lin et al 13648585 - (D) SHIANG 103 KACVINSKY DAISAK BLUNI PLLC TORRES, JUAN A

2644 Ex Parte Drevon 10509852 - (D) GALLIGAN 103 Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC (ALU) CAI, WAYNE HUU

Tech Center 3600 Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security, and License & Review
3668 Ex Parte Namaky 14041032 - (D) SIU 102 Maginot, Moore & Beck LLP BEAULIEU, YONEL

3696 Ex Parte Harvey 14103568 - (D) SHAH 101 Thomas D,Harvey CHANG, EDWARD

Although, arguably, the steps of producing and storing the digital representation may be performed by a computer, these steps do not transform the article into a different article. The data, such as serial numbers, remain data. Further, producing, storing, and recognizing a digital representation of a physical object are "well-understood, routine, [and] conventional activities previously known to the industry." Content Extraction and Transmission LLC v. Wells Fargo Bank, Nat. Ass 'n, 776 F.3d 1343, 1347--49 (Fed. Cir. 2014) ("The concept of data collection, recognition, and storage is undisputedly well known. Indeed, humans have always performed these functions .... the use of a scanner or other digitizing device to extract data from a document was well-known at the time of filing, as was the ability of computers to translate the shapes on a physical page into typeface characters"). The "unconventional steps" and "limitations other than those well-understood, routine and conventional" are business-related steps that simply elaborate on the abstract idea.

Tech Center 3700 Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Products & Design
3731 Ex Parte Wasylucha 12685931 - (D) HORNER 102/103 DINSMORE & SHOHL LLP HOUSTON, ELIZABETH

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