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Friday, February 17, 2017


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Tech Center 2100 Computer Architecture and Software
2175 Ex Parte Coldicott et al 12605635 - (D) GREENHUT 103 Brown & Michaels, PC (END) SUGENT, JAMES F


3744 Ex Parte Kronen 13349156 - (D) PESLAK 103 41.50 112(2) BARLOW, JOSEPHS & HOLMES, LTD. HWU, DAVIS D

3764 Ex Parte FREDERICK 13442369 - (D) GREENHUT 102/103 James Ray & Associates Intellectual Property, LLC ATKINSON, GARRETT K

1758 Ex Parte KIM et al 13660292 - (D) OGDEN 102/103 103 Okamoto & Benedicto LLP MEKHLIN, ELI S

3737 Ex Parte Burg et al 13281001 - (D) HOFFMANN 103 112(2) Harness, Dickey, & Pierce, PLLC (Medtronic Surgical Technologies) SIRIPURAPU, RAJEEV P

It is true that when a “word of degree” is used in a claim, the claim is not indefinite when the Specification provides “some standard for measuring that degree.” Biosig Instr., Inc. v. Nautilus, Inc., 783 F.3d 1374, 1378 (Fed. Cir. 2015) (addressing indefiniteness of a limitation within an issued patent). In this case, however, Appellants do not establish that the Specification provides any standard by which the claim terms “about” and “substantially” may be measured.

3744 Ex Parte HOWARD 12207757 - (D) OSINSKI 103 103 PRAXAIR, INC. RUSSELL, DEVON L

Tech Center 1600 Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry
1648 Ex Parte Pavlakis et al 13190969 - (D) MAJORS 103/double patenting KILPATRICK TOWNSEND & STOCKTON LLP KINSEY WHITE, NICOLE ERIN

Tech Center 1700 Chemical & Materials Engineering
1747 Ex Parte Sowinski et al 13706277 - (D) INGLESE 103 Getinge US Legal Shared Services FISCHER, JUSTIN R

1779 Ex Parte Merritt et al 11634647 - (D) SNAY 112(1)112(2)/103 double patenting REINHART BOERNER VAN DEUREN P.C. ANDERSON, DENISE R

Tech Center 2400 Networking, Multiplexing, Cable, and Security
2444 Ex Parte Aleksandrov et al 13480301 - (D) DIXON 102/103/double patenting Fabian Vancott IBM CORPORATION NGUYEN, THU HA T

2462 Ex Parte Hofmann et al 13001464 - (D) SHIANG 103 Cozen O'Connor DANIEL JR, WILLIE J

Tech Center 2600 Communications
2645 Ex Parte Malladi et al 11775198 - (D) NAPPI 103 QUALCOMM INCORPORATED HAMMONDS, MARCUS C

2647 Ex Parte Leiba 13592467 - (D) COURTENAY 103 Active Knowledge Ltd. YANG, JIANXUN

Tech Center 3600 Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security, and License & Review
3636 Ex Parte SAXENA et al 11945227 - (D) BROWNE 103 DLA PIPER LLP (US ) ISLAM, SYED A

3664 Ex Parte Sanders et al 13272442 - (D) CALVE 112(2) 103 Quinn Law Group, PLLC NGUYEN, BAO LONG T

Tech Center 3700 Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Products & Design
3745 Ex Parte Mockridge et al 12707504 - (D) OSINSKI 103 MORRISON & FOERSTER LLP SEABE, JUSTIN D


Tech Center 3600 Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security, and License & Review
3643 THE SCOTTS COMPANY LLC Requester, Cross-Appellant, Respondent v. ENCAP, LLC. Patent Owner, Appellant, Respondent Ex Parte 6,745,513 B2 et al 09/821,128 95000664 - (R) SONG 103 WEISS & WEISS THIRD PARTY REQUESTER: HUNTON & WILLIAMS LLP FETSUGA, ROBERT M original VALENTI, ANDREA M

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