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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


1600 Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry
Ex Parte Doyle et al GRIMES 112(2)/103(a) LAW OFFICE OF CHARLES E. KRUEGER
process referred to as “spatial genomics”
Farr et al., US 5,811,231, issued September 22, 1998
Lemelson, US 6,058,323, issued May 2, 2000
Bogen et al., US
6,281,004 B1, issued Aug. 28, 2001

A proper § 103 analysis requires “a searching comparison of the claimed invention – including all its limitations – with the teaching of the prior art.” In re Ochiai, 71 F.3d 1565, 1572 (Fed. Cir. 1995)

37 C.F.R. § 41.50(b)
modified fibronectin type III (Fn3) molecule
Lipovsek et al. US
6,818,418 B1 Nov. 16, 2004
Koide WO 98/56915 A2 Dec. 17, 1998

In Kubin, the court made clear that “where a defendant merely throws metaphorical darts at a board filled with combinatorial prior art possibilities, courts should not succumb to hindsight claims of obviousness.” Kubin, 561 F.3d at 1359.

2100 Computer Architecture and Software
Ex Parte Padilla et al COURTENAY 103(a) HAMILTON & TERRILE, LLP
information handling system for an operating system boot
Sun US 6,732,264 B1 May 4, 2004
Schwartz US
2003/0084316 A1 May 1, 2003
Beelitz US
6,247,126 B1 Jun. 12, 2001

2400 Networking, Mulitplexing, Cable, and Security
Ex Parte Kastelewicz et al COURTENAY 103(a) BAKER BOTTS L.L.P.
method for registering a communication terminal
Nuutinen US 6,865,681 B2 Mar. 8, 2005

"[T]he best defense against the subtle but powerful attraction of a hindsight-based obviousness analysis is rigorous application of the requirement for a showing of the teaching or motivation to combine prior art references." In re Dembiczak, 175 F.3d 994, 999 (Fed. Cir. 1999).


1600 Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry
Ex Parte Rheinbaben et al PRATS 103(a) ECOLAB INC.
methods of inactivating hepatitis A virus on the skin
von Rheinbaben US
5,728,404 Mar. 17, 1998
Widulle (as translated) EP 0 848 907 A1 Jun. 24, 1998

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