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Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday August 30, 2010


1600 Biotechnology and Organic Chemistry
Ex Parte Andrews 11/384,213 GREEN 103(a) BATEMAN IP LAW GROUP Examiner Name: HOFFMAN, SUSAN COE

1700 Chemical & Materials Engineering
Ex Parte Fukuzumi et al 10/515,134 NAGUMO 103(a) FLYNN THIEL BOUTELL & TANIS, P.C. Examiner Name: IP, SIKYIN

As has often been pointed out, there are no per se rules in the law of obviousness. In re Ochiai, 71 F.3d 1565, 1572 (Fed. Cir. 1995) (“reliance on per se rules of obviousness is legally incorrect and must cease.”)

Ochiai, In re, 71 F.3d 1565, 37 USPQ2d 1127 (Fed. Cir. 1995) . . . . . . . . 706.02(n), 2116.01, 2144.08

Ex Parte Gille et al 10/880,173 OWENS 102(e)/103(a) CORNING INCORPORATED Examiner Name: DEHGHAN, QUEENIE S

Ex Parte Lyons et al 10/693,845 OWENS 102(b)/103(a) NAVAL RESEARCH LABORATORY Examiner Name: DOVE, TRACY MAE

2400 Networking, Mulitplexing, Cable, and Security
Ex Parte Janik et al 11/113,529 LUCAS 102(e)/103(a) FOLEY & LARDNER LLP Examiner Name: SHAW, PELING ANDY

3600 Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security, and License & Review
Ex Parte Kam-Chak Cheng et al 11/362,681 LORIN 103(a) SCHMEISER, OLSEN & WATTS Examiner Name: MALHOTRA, SANJEEV

Ex Parte Pembroke 11/039,387 MOHANTY 103(a) John J. Pembroke Examiner Name: VYAS, ABHISHEK

3700 Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Products & Design
Ex Parte Kroll et al 11/406,588 STAICOVICI 102(b)/103(a) FROMMER LAWRENCE & HAUG Examiner Name: MUROMOTO JR, ROBERT H


1700 Chemical & Materials Engineering
Ex Parte Yadav et al 10/679,611 PAK 102(b)/103(a) 37 C.F.R. § 41.50(b) PPG INDUSTRIES INC Examiner Name: LORENGO, JERRY A

2100 Computer Architecture and Software
Ex Parte Honda 11/062,954 BLANKENSHIP 103(a) HARNESS, DICKEY & PIERCE, P.L.C. Examiner Name: KNOLL, CLIFFORD H



Ex Parte Auzerie


Ex Parte Baynham et al
Ex Parte Flury et al
Ex Parte Jackson et al
Ex Parte Kurashima et al
Ex Parte Leaming
Ex Parte Minno et al
Ex Parte Sears
Ex Parte Sophiea et al
Ex Parte Stebbing et al
Ex Parte Weichselbaum et al
Ex Parte Zhao et al

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