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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday December 3, 2010


3600 Transportation, Construction, Electronic Commerce, Agriculture, National Security, and License & Review
3611 Ex Parte Lopez 11/542,972 BARRETT HORNER PATE, III 102(b)/101/103(a) ORTIZ & LOPEZ, PLLC EXAMINER ISLAM, SYED A


2400 Networking, Mulitplexing, Cable, and Security
2469 Ex Parte Neville et al 10/648,414 COURTENAY BARRY JEFFERY 103(a) EXAMINER POLLACK, MELVIN H

3700 Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Products & Design

3733 Ex Parte Michelson 10/430,783 FREDMAN GREEN WALSH 112(1)/103(a) EXAMINER HOFFMAN, MARY C

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